What are we to make of Labour's about-face on its support for a Palestinian state mentioned in the manifesto. Where Labour, if it had been elected to government, would immediately recognise the state of Palestine, it would appear Jeremy and his leftist buddies have given in to pressure from pro-Israel Labour MPs.

Labour friends of Israel and other Zionist wings within the party were alarmed at the election of Corbyn as the leader. When Corbyn famously addressed a rally calling Hamas and Hezbollah "his friends" he said this was just an off the cuff remark.

Many of Jeremy Corbyn's followers known as Corbynistas are reportedly disappointed over this and cannot understand why this change has come about. Many on the left support the idea of a Palestinian state and boycott Israel over its occupation of the West Bank and the siege of the Gaza Strip

Labours support for a two state solution

According to the Middle East paper, Amin, Labour now supports a two state solution in accordance to what was agreed in Oslo some time ago. In other words two states living side by side (Israel and Palestine) in peace and security as clearly defined nations.

With Corbyn at the helm of the Labour party, there was worry Anti-Semitism was rife within the party. As if to prove this MP Naz Shah was suspended over an alleged Anti-Semitic picture posted on social media.

The poster basically said Israel should move lock stock and barrel to the US as there is plenty of room there and give back Palestine.

Jeremy Corbyn had to come out many times before the General Election to condemn racism of any kind including Anti-Semitism. Many though perhaps rightly so did not believe Corbyn and how genuine he was about condemning Anti-Semitism is best known only to him.

Labour's new policy is correct

For whatever reason, Labour has changed its policy on Palestine and it is only correct it has done so. Whether that change of policy was brought about by pro-Israel Labour MP's or not it is correct to have support for Israel but also for the rights of the Palestinians.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of setting up a Jewish state in the Middle East Israel is here to stay.

The Palestinians deserve a nation of their own too but when that day will arrive is anyone's guess. When people condemn Israel for its actions against the Palestinians that doesn't make them a rabid Anti-Semite although some may be.

The actions of Hamas should also be condemned and they are not doing the Palestinian people any favors in the long run. Of course, the military disparity between the rocket firing of Hamas and the high tech weaponry of Israel only has one thing in common it -brings death and destruction.

Every American President from Bush Senior to Obama and Trump talked about bringing the two sides together. Many plans including the much-vaunted Oslo agreement appear to have fallen by the way side.

Both Israelis and Palestinians need peace and security with clearly defined borders but when that day will come is anyone's guess.