The US and South Korea are holding military War Games comprising of 40,000 troops from both nations and are also featuring civil defence and civilians. Ulchi Freedom Guardian is the name of these war games that will ensure that South Korean and American forces are War Ready.

The North Koreans appear to be seriously irritated by the war games due to commence this Monday adding to the already poisonous atmosphere between itself and its enemies.

North Korea appears to have been pushing the envelope with test-firing its missiles and nuclear tests as if they are seeing how far its enemies can go before they run out of patience.

The U.S. in response to these tests fired missiles itself in South Korean territory to test defence and attack readiness. North Korea recently said it would fire missiles at the American island of Guam but seems to have shelved these plans for now.

Trump and Kim: War of words

Like two big kids in a playground Kim and Trump have been exchanging fierce words to see who is the biggest bully on the block. Trump was threatening "Fire and fury" on the reclusive Communist regime and in return as Kim said his regime was examining a plan to launch missiles on Guam.

It seems with Kim shelving plans to attack Guam, for now, it was Trump who won that round of brinkmanship, no doubt with a little bit of help from China.

But seriously, while Kim and Trump threatened each other with destruction verbally the rest of the world looked on in horror. Especially those that live in that neighbourhood like Japan, South Korea, and the Chinese who are allied to the North Koreans.

The missiles that were launched by the North were said to be ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) but Russia said they were intermediate.

Countless sanctions including the latest ones have been applied to Pyong yang but it seems not to make the slightest difference as the North carries on with its tests regardless.

These war games are necessary but at the same time, the North views them as provocative.

North wants recognition

Maybe one way out of this crisis could be recognising the North Koreans as a nuclear power which is undoubtedly what the North wants.

North Korea it seems wants to be seen as a nuclear regional power and in return, the U.S. could then demand that the North allows more freedom for its people. This would be an important step for the North Koreans who could open their country to trade and investment to help its population who suffer starvation on a regular basis.

China could also play a role in making sure the North sticks to any agreement in much the same way as the West negotiated with Iran, allowing Iran to trade and sell to the world while scaling back its nuclear programme.

All this, of course, is speculation but any deal would be better than the dangerous standoff we find ourselves in with North Korea.