The Ku Klux Klan or KKK is not the organisation that it was where once membership was measured in the millions. From the 1920's onwards membership dropped where until today membership has fallen to the thousands. The organisation nowadays presents itself as a more polished affair trying to broaden its appeal via social media, television and radio.

The Group says it has changed and its principles now are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. While this maybe true in some regards there will always be the hardliners that resist change within the group.

Leader Thomas Robb who took over from David Duke in the 80's lives 15 miles from the city of Harrison in Arkansas.

Speaking to Sky News he said the prospect of more KKK gatherings like the one in Charlottesville is more likely if politicians don't condemn far left groups as they have done the far right. Certainly since Obama and now Trump, there does seem to be a worrying divide between the races in the U.S. making clashes more certain and the extremes of right and left are exploiting this.

Thomas Robb: his views

While seeming to be a more moderate group now, Thomas Robb pulls no punches on his views of homosexuals, for example, calling them an "Abomination." On the subject of race, he says black people have the right to be who they are and what the KKK does nowadays is not racist.

It is, according to Robb protecting and preserving European Americans and this is backed up by one of his posters that broadcast "Diversity is genocide".

Many thought that since the 1960's civil rights and race relations had improved in the United States. Obviously, race relations between all ethnicities have come a long way but there is still much work to do or so it would seem.

The issue of racism and extreme politics have been highlighted again in Charlottesville and also in other places so it would seem in many ways the U.S .has gone backwards since the Obama era and it has carried on with the Trump administration.

A balanced view

Donald Trump was attacked by the left and liberal media when he condemned all sides in the Charlottesville rioting.

Trump has come out since condemning racism and bigotry but whether he really meant it is unknown.

The arguments about Trump having links with far right groups and his attitude to non-European Americans will rage on no doubt. Even Obama, despite having a European American mother was accused by some of preferring his African heritage to his European, again like Trump just speculation perhaps.

The media should be balanced and should endorse Trump and other politicians when they condemn violence from which ever side it comes.

Finally, let us hope that common sense prevails on all racial and political divides in the U.S.