There are numerous EU politicians who are doing everything in their power to ensure Brexit fails. The EU's Chief Negotiator, Michel Barnier, wants the UK to pay a divorce settlement before it quits the trading bloc. The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has dismissed the Government's Brexit papers and is plotting with Tony Blair behind the scenes. And now, the former Belgian prime minister who is now serving as Brussels' Brexit negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt, said he wants a transitional deal that is no different to the UK's EU membership.

He does not want Brexit to happen at all

Mr. Verhofstadt blames Brexit Secretary David Davis for this outcome. He said that Britain's refusal to pay an exit bill has caused significant delays, which will prevent Brussels from having sufficient time to implement a temporary deal that will enable Britain to leave the trading bloc by the time of the next general election. However, in reality it is clear he does not want Brexit to happen at all.

The reason why a transitional deal may not be drawn up is not because of Mr. Davis's refusal to pay the divorce bill; it is because the former Belgian PM fears that a British trade deal similar to what Canada has with the trading bloc will trigger a chain reaction throughout the EU that will persuade other member states that the best course of action is to leave.

If he provides Britain with a provisional deal that mimics EU membership, other countries would have less reason to leave.

Mr. Verhofstadt hates the idea of this country leaving

The EU is governed by an authoritarian structure. There is inadequate space for democratic reform. The European Commission is unaccountable to voters.

The trading bloc's share of global GDP is shrinking and the Euro is teetering on the verge of collapse. The Eurozone is growing, but it is volatile to disruption. Poland is facing a constitutional deadlock with Brussels and may well leave without a referendum. The migrant crisis has shattered the social foundations of modern Europe and has destroyed the EU's founding principles, like the free movement of people.

It is an outdated and backward-looking organisation and that is why Mr. Verhofstadt hates the idea of this country leaving.

It is ironic that Brussels have awarded him with the title of "Brexit negotiator." He does not intend to negotiate anything at all. And if he wins, he will trap this country and its potential. These Eurocrats cannot afford to triumph.