After the riots in Charlottesville over whether or not a Confederate statue commemorating a guy who wanted to keep his African slaves, the white supremacists of America are at it again. They’re now rallying in Boston for their right to “free speech,” a.k.a. free hate speech. But there was only 300 or so alt-right protestors in Boston, whereas thousands turned out to counter-Protest them, and US President Donald Trump has spoken out to praise them.

Trump did not condemn Charlottesville

Trump failed to condemn the white supremacists in Charlottesville, even after they killed a woman.

He repeated the phrase, “on many sides,” too many times to ignore when he was saying that some aspects of the riots were justifiable. Many people took that as meaning that he didn’t mind what the neo-Nazis were doing. He also referred to them as “us.” He didn’t call the white supremacists and the alt-right movement “them” – he very openly, in front of everyone and their TV camera crews, called them “us.”

However, Trump has publicly praised the counter-protestors and also the Boston police for their handling of the protests. He tweeted that the police are looking “tough and smart” in the face of “many anti-police agitators in Boston,” and applauded “the many protestors in Boston who are speaking out against bigotry and hate.” Finally, he’s on the right side of something!