It is no secret Theresa May has had a tough time recently. She has been forced to arrange a supply-in-confidence agreement with the DUP after a humiliating election result. And she faces calls from both sides of the House of Commons and members of her own Cabinet to retain Britain's Single Market membership.

She did the UK proud and humiliated EU leaders

But at the G20 summit last weekend, she did the UK proud and embarrassed EU politicians during her discussions with global leaders about a post-Brexit trade. Numerous nations have expressed their confidence in Britain's ability to thrive outside the EU, and Mrs May did a credible job in winning over their optimism.

She has proven that the UK does not need the EU to survive, like so many MPs at home believe.

If she can secure trade deals with growing economies like India and China, as well as the United States, she would have managed to secure business with some of the world's most powerful nations. It remains a mystery as to why so many Europhiles want Britain to remain tied to trading with countries whose economies are shrinking, like Greece and Belgium, when there are thriving economies beyond Europe that would generate more wealth for Britain than the EU's Single Market.

Of course, this foreign policy trip should not distract from her domestic difficulties and complications during her EU negotiations so far. But the Prime Minister can travel home feeling proud that she has sold post-Brexit Britain to the rest of the globe.