The Arab-Israeli relationship is fraught with animosity. The two communities, Christians and Jews on one side and the Arabs on the other, seem to be antagonistic to each other. One wonders if ever there can be peace between them. A christian from Israel has been accused of stabbing his daughter to death. Allegedly, the man stabbed his daughter three times in the chest after she informed her parents that she was ready to convert to Islam to marry her boyfriend, an Arab Muslim. As reported by CNN, the father Karra, who was a resident of Ramle, a small town in Israel, confessed the killing and, at the same time, was unrepentant.

The girl, who was 17-years-old, had just completed her schooling.

In a relationship with a Muslim

It is learned that the daughter Henrietta was in a relationship with a Muslim man. Her parents were opposed to this association and warned her several time to break the relationship. In the month of May, the girl left her parental home as she was fed up with the threats and abuse of her parents and went to live with the mother of the Muslim man. Despite threats and other forms of persuasion the girl refused to return home. The police were called, but the girl refused help. Later a social worker persuaded the girl to return home, and she agreed.

The killing

On June 12, the girl went to the post office to mail $100 to her boyfriend.

The boy was in jail but was to be released soon. It is not known for what offence he was in prison. On her return from the post office, all hell broke out after she announced that she was converting to Islam. No Muslim can marry a non-Muslim till he or she converts to Islam. The infuriated father stabbed his daughter killing her.

He has been arrested for the crime. Nothing much is known about the boy with who Henrietta was into a relationship.

Deep animosity

It appears as if some Christians or Jews can't get over their deep animosity to the Muslims. The political atmosphere also does not seem to be conducive to a harmonious relationship in the middle east.

This might also be impacting on the frequency of terrorist attacks. Recently, two Israeli Druz policemen were killed by Israeli Arabs. The killing took place just outside the Al Aqsa mosque, which is the third holiest shrine in Islam. Another episode leading to think that even Arabs who are citizens of Israel could be antagonistic to Jews. It looks as if there's no meeting point between the two. The killing of the young girl, who probably loved the Arab, could be a pointer to the relations between the two communities.