Whilst once a fake woman to have sex with was nothing more than an incredibly ridiculous looking blow up doll, nowadays engineers, technicians and artists have been putting their considerable talents together and designing new products that are far more lifelike. The new style of Sex Robots look shockingly like real women and can be purchased to keep or rented in robot brothels.

Frigid Farrah

Whilst concerns about the impact of the literal objectification of women have long been expressed, we have reached a new level with the release of Nesta's latest sex robot which comes with a setting called "Frigid Farrah."

The Independent released the story on July 19th.

Frigid Farrah's settings mean "she" is shy and nervous, and will react negatively to being touched. This allows her user to be dominant and forceful whilst he acts out a Rape fantasy.

Will it help prevent real rapes?

Some claim that men who want to rape women can rape robots and leave real life women be. This will reduce the number of women being raped as that urge has been satisfied, but there are many pointing out the inconsistencies in this argument.

We don't encourage anyone who fantasises about stabbing people to death a doll full of blood and a knife, so why is a doll to rape any different?

Rather than discouraging the practice, it normalises it.

Rape is a brutal crime of dominance, it's invasive and it is evil. Putting a rape setting right next to settings designed to simulate a woman's enthusiasm will make it seem like just another fetish.

If the notion of raping a woman is a turn on for someone who hasn't acted out, experiencing it could turn it from a turn on to something they crave.

Objectification of women

Even without a rape setting, sex robots do nothing positive for women. A sex robot is the literal objectification of a woman, appearing exactly like a human woman but reduced to a series of holes to fill, a vacant expression, and a flawless body designed for male pleasure. Sex with a robot means not considering her emotions, not treating her with respect, and not being worried about disease. It means not being concerned about pregnancy, not avoiding her experiencing pain, and not giving her any sexual pleasure. Sex with a robot is an entirely selfish experience, and sex becomes entirely about the man, rather than a mutual experience. Even without a Frigid Farrah setting that is remarkably similar to raping a woman.

That experience of sex becomes what sex is. Women stop being humans and become just an object for your pleasure.

Child robots are the next low

As well as the Frigid Farrah setting on this model, Nesta has a product available named "Young Yoko"; a robot designed to look "barely eighteen" and waiting for you to teach her.

It has been observed many times how these robots are designed to look youthful and are often dressed in school uniform. Several owners run Twitter and Instagram accounts in their dolls names, designed to build up a market, and this youthful look is often the focus. If a robot designed to simulate rape will normalise and build up desires to commit rape, then the impact of these child-like sex dolls could be horrific.

There are no laws against raping a robot, a robot is not autonomous and will not suffer negative consequences. There are no laws against sex robots being modelled after any age of human; robots do not have a biological age as they are not biological. So where will this go? How normal is this going to become? What will happen to the human women and children in the lives of the men who enjoy living out these fantasies with robots?