Even with all the political and domestic confusion of the past six weeks, our two most senior politicians have yet to learn any lessons; namely empathy. Certainly, Mrs. May has once again gone to ground, perhaps because of her blunder in appointing a distinctly unsympathetic judge to head the Grenfell Tower inquiry, or is it simply she cannot think of anything to say to reassure the public in these most difficult of times. While suddenly after his no-show during the election campaign her Chancellor is on view again, being a tough man from the despatch box and laying down what he sees as his future strategy.

The Banks!

Four senior British bankers from Barclays Bank, who, if not solely responsible - but certainly not helping either - for the economic downturn in 2008 and the resulting draconian cutbacks in all aspects of Public Sector spending, were in Court yesterday. Bailed to appear again in 4 weeks time, they face charges of fraudulently raising £11.8 Billion of funds from Qatar, to prop up the ailing bank in 2008, as they did not to wish for to ask for public money. By theses actions, they acted like 'Fred the Shred,' Goodwin - who is yet to atone for his sins - at RBS, and helped with others of their creed to cause the Financial Crisis in the first place.

The Chancellor

Having caused that crisis, it was the public that had to bail the banks out with Public Sector workers being hit the hardest, with no pay rise beyond 1% - the private sector averages 3% - since 2010.

Now, no matter the cries from senior politicians, Phillip Hammond, by a deft slight of hand, has blamed the Public Sector for holding a gun to the countries head, in demanding the relaxation of that 1% ceiling, which is way-way below inflation anyway. This, of course, means everyone from the most senior Civil Servant down to an ordinary street cleaner are basically responsible for the mess they are in themselves?

The Chancellor is unwilling to increase taxation to fund an increase in pay when we are going through jumps in fuel and food prices daily, and many workers are using credit cards to supplement their income.

Strange is it not? All MP's have had way above inflation pay rises throughout the squeeze, something like £8000 since 2015 alone.

George Osbourne increased the Country's misery by his misjudgment, the bankers started it with their misjudgment, and both the Chancellor and the PM are once again compounding everything with their misjudgment. Oh and by the way the banks are saying that almost 40% will be wiped off the equity off the average house by the end of the year, which will no doubt lead to a further banking crisis when the Chancellor will have to... Look, you get the picture?