Robotic v natural

During the general election campaign which resulted in a hung parliament, we all saw the different approaches used by Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn on the campaign trail.

Theresa May came over as aloof, cold and robotic and appeared to lack any empathy with the people she was addressing. Also, a lot of the people she addressed seemed to be chosen at random with screened questions as opposed to Jeremy Corbyn who met ordinary people and spoke with them naturally.

Her mantra of 'Strong and stable' did not do her any favours either, as she proved to be anything but.

Wherever Corbyn went he was met with chants of "Jeremy Corbyn!" and his mantra for "For the many, not the few" seemed more real.

Of course, the Conservatives did win the election but not enough to get the overall majority, hence the talks with the DUP. Labour did not win either, but they did enough thanks to Corbyn to get a respectable result and stand ready to become the government should May's government fall.

Weak and wobbly May with strong and stable Corbyn

The wooden appearance of Theresa May made itself known again as she visited Kensington in the aftermath of the Grenfell disaster. She appeared surrounded by police officers screening her lest a member of the public should get near her. She later visited a hospital to speak with the victims, and how she came over to the victims would be interesting to see if she showed any empathy or not.

As she left the hospital and climbed into her car there were shouts of "Coward!" as her motorcade sped away, presumably back to No 10.

The difference when Jeremy Corbyn arrived in Kensington as opposed to Theresa May's appearance, again it was noticeable. Right away Corbyn engaged with people and spoke with them about the disaster, and even hugged people as they described the horrors of Grenfell Tower.

Perhaps it is unfair to attack May's demeanour in public places, and obviously, she does care, but if she cannot express empathy as Corbyn does this does her no favours. Corbyn's years of public speaking and mixing with crowds over his 30 years as an MP has obviously stood him in good stead when he attends disasters like Grenfell.

Queen attends Grenfell along with Prince William

The reason given why Theresa May did not meet the public as Corbyn did was because of security concerns, but Corbyn was not surrounded by a police cordon so this makes this statement seem a little hollow.

The Queen along with Prince William visited the area and spoke with victims of the fire but there were no obvious uniformed security people as with May. As the Queen was about to climb into her car there were shouts of various kinds from the public to which Prince William responded favourably as his mother would have done.