Whilst the UK faces troubled times and the calls for change are getting louder, we must also recognise that the UK is lucky that society has such a significant impact over the governance of this country. With Grenfell being the recent exception, disasters in the UK often leave little impact and incidents don’t have a far-ranging impact as they do elsewhere.

However, with the recent rise in far-right extremism, it is important to ensure that as a society we don’t head in a direction like China, Russia or even America now. We must combat all forms of apathy and fight for true democracy.

Radicalisation and fascism

The man who committed the Finsbury Park Mosque atrocity was a Britain First follower and since the attack there have been many on their page openly praising him for killing innocent people. Among those has been people openly saying they should set up a fund for more attacks like these. This is terrorism, no other word for it. The hypocrisy is remarkable, you give a reason behind an attack by a radicalised Islamist and get called a terrorist sympathiser, but those same people who brand others as 'terrorist sympathisers' will quite sympathise with a terrorist incident such as this.

This was a terrorist attack however, we are fighting fascism once again. Whether it is ISIL or the far-right, they hold fascist ideologies and both want to impose their Ideals on society.

Police responded quickly as always and our public services did brilliantly as always. But the Imam of that Mosque was also outstanding, bringing calm to the situation and stopped the man from getting attacked by an understandably angry crowd.