The disaster highlighted one aspect and that is the ability of a Community to pull together during times of disaster. Grenfell Tower is in one of the richest constituencies in the country and in one of the richest places in the world, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t poor areas. Kensington probably represents wider social issues perfectly, it has some of the richest people as residents but it also some of the poorest. It shows the growing gap between the richest and poorest perfectly.

Nonetheless, the community spirit was outstanding and it was those with very little the first to react, local community centres that have had their funding cuts were among the first to open their doors.

Local Mosques opened their doors to helped those who needed.

Community leadership

The London Fire Brigade were outstanding as always despite funding cuts, they had arrived on the scene in 3-4 minutes approximately and worked through the night and the next day to tackle the inferno and help survivors. Despite budget cuts they are still working in recovering bodies and searching through the shell of the building to discover what definitely happened and to find and confirm how many people have died.

This could take a while and whilst that happens we must praise our NHS staff who have worked relentlessly with survivors. Along with charities who have helped supply them with necessary items to live each day. Slowly people will be getting back on their feet but with the community they have, it’ll be much easier. The community itself has shown incredible leadership in the face of adversity.