There is a lot of division within the UK, the Eu Referendum underlined and uncovered how deep those divisions were. But the division has nothing to do with what they want with society, it has everything to do with the seed sowed by political leaders, journalists and media outlets. Selfish agendas have fuelled the large proportion of the media and those agendas are set by politicians and others in similar positions.

Whether it was David Cameron’s decision to call the EU referendum, Boris Johnson’s support for leaving, Nigel Farage and Arron Banks poisonous Leave.EU campaign or more recently, Theresa May’s attempt to strengthen her power by calling a general election.

Societal divisions driven by greed and power

Most people in society have called for a leader who is honest, fair and understands what is necessary for the electorate. However, when Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader, he was vilified and attacked disproportionately compared to previous leaders and other party leaders. A fair chunk of the media used their platform to try and convince the public that he as dangerous but not once did he react in negatively. It takes real strength of character to do this.

The Finsbury Park Mosque attack highlights the deep societal divisions but at the heart of it, both those attracted to the extremes of the far-right and those who are attracted to the extremes of Islamism, are attracted to those extremes for the same reasons.

Disillusionment, feeling of being neglected, fear and a lack of understanding. The Grenfell Tower fire was exacerbated by austerity, whilst the cause of the fire may not have been avoidable, the catastrophic loss of human life could’ve been.

Language used by the likes of Katie Hopkins and Nigel Farage is carefully produced by them.

Designed purely to belittle a group of people, recently Farage claimed, ‘mob rule’ has taken ‘control’ after Donald Trump had his feelings hurt over potential protests. This is a direct attack on democracy itself, making those who stand up for what is right in the world look like enemies, whereas it is people like him who seek to divide us.

The likes of Westmonster, Guido Fawkes, UKIP, Britain First and other far-right organisations and individuals aim to belittle and bully those who have genuine concerns into believing they have no power.

Money exists to accumulate wealth not to live

Everyone works, pays their bills and tend to go about their lives but most don’t question why? If they do, the answer is usually “because that’s how the world works” and if you then ask why again, there is often a mumble and “that’s how it has always been and we can’t do anything about it anyway”. The society we live in today have been so accustomed to this way of life that people have stopped believing in themselves. The corporate world and this consumer society is driven by people, so why can’t people change that System?

This simple notion of money and power is an illusion by those who created wealth in the first place. Money wasn’t something invented by science or mother nature, it doesn’t control the world or make the world go around. Animals largely help the world to continue to thrive, whilst humans keep destroying what is given to us, our home for us now and future generations. We have choice in society to thrive for a better future truly free or to continue to be shackled by a system that is fixed for the most selfish and greedy in society.

Humanity has always been free to roam the planet, barriers weren’t created by nature on purpose and when they were created, humans found ways to cross them through boats, ships and planes.

The world became smaller, people could cross to places that their ancestors would never have seen but those advancements saw greed increase and an insatiable appetite to dominate has eventually led to societies becoming increasingly closed off as more borders were created. The first step in solving any problem is recognising there is one.