It was a cabinet meeting like no other. After a tough week and a tougher 4 months in office, Donald Trump needed some love, reassurances, a pat on the back; call it what you will, he needed something and something he got. His band of loyal and grateful cabinet appointees made sure he felt the love by showering him with praise and telling him how great he was. All Hail The King!

Chest thumping

No, it wasn’t Tarzan, it was Donald Trump thumping his chest at his first cabinet meeting. He started by talking about his accomplishments or rather, how many documents he signed.

In a lengthy opening speech, Trump detailed his many achievements during his 143 days in office. He declared that he was the only president with few exceptions to pass more legislation and do more things. Of course, we know where his prized travel ban stands at the moment – in limbo. The repeal of Obamacare to be replaced by a new and improved healthcare bill is tied up in the Senate and the future of the border wall is in serious jeopardy as is tax reform. Nevertheless, Trump feels his accomplishments are unparalleled - an assumption that none of his officials dared to question.

Praise and reverence

It was now time for each of Trump’s Cabinet Members to respond and so began the love fest. One by one each cabinet official gushed and fawned as they faced their leader, offering up praise, reverence and gratitude for being the chosen ones.

Jeff Sessions was there and said it was an honour to serve. So despite what you have heard about trouble in paradise, the AG is still a team player. For Vice President Mike Pence, it is the greatest privilege of his life to be serving a president who keeps his word to the American people. Tom Price of Health and Human Services too was honoured to serve under Trump’s leadership.

Over the top

Of course, there were those officials who went a little over the top in their adulation. Reince Priebus, Chief of Staff expressed thanks to the president for the opportunity and blessing to serve Trump’s agenda and the American people. It was almost as if there was a competition among cabinet members to see who could come up with the greatest adulation with the hope that their positions will be secured based on their ability to offer the best compliments.

Thank you, thank you

At Donald Trump's cabinet meeting, billionaires, notable military leaders and highly successful politicians and professionals were seemingly reduced to grateful servants of the President. Not only did they heap praise on their leader but many of them could not thank Donald Trump enough for the privilege to serve under him.