Diane Abbott's media appearances since this General Election started have been atrocious. Her inability to master her own brief in opposition serves as a brilliant reminder why she is not capable of holding the office of Home Secretary from Friday morning. The worst outcome of this snap election would be to wake up on Friday with Ms Abbott as Home Secretary.

'Disasters come in threes'

She serves as a daily reminder of the stereotype surrounding Labour right now that their most senior figures throughout this party's history promise people lavish, yet expensive, policies without accurately calculating how much they would cost.

The Hackney PPC has become a social media sensation due to her pure failure to explain how much recruiting 10,000 police officers would cost during her LBC interview with Nick Ferrarri. Following on from that exposure of inadequacy, Dermot Murnaghan caught her out on Sky News for struggling to state how many of the 10,000 officers a Labour government intends to recruit would consist of community support officers or police officers.

There is an old saying disasters come in threes. For Ms Abbott, that is certainly true. Her abysmal interview with Jon Snow proves that. It is little wonder Jeremy Corbyn intends to prevent her from appearing on air before Thursday. One has to wonder whether or not anyone is actually briefing her before she goes live, or if Labour figures intend for her to fail.

For all of Tony Blair's and Gordon Brown's faults, at least they kept this lunatic on the backbenches when they both served as prime minister. She should have stuck to appearances on This Week.