Pressure is mounting on Jeremy Corbyn from colleagues past and present as demand for Labour to offer a second Brexit referendum grows.

As the party attempts to clarify its position on leaving the European Union, Tony Blair has announced his shock return to politics.

This could mean things can only get worse for Mr. Corbyn, in a reference to the iconic D!REAM song New Labour used to celebrate their General Election victory twenty years ago.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Mirror, Mr. Blair said Brexit has given him a direct motivation to get involved in politics again.

He added: 'You need to get your hands dirty and I will.'

'A Brexit dream may well turn into a nightmare'

Mr. Blair said the country is being sold a Brexit dream which may well turn to a nightmare.

The news of the former Labour leader's return is only a second blow to the party's position on exiting the EU during their general election campaign.

Two former senior members of the shadow cabinet said to The Guardian yesterday that the Labour Party should be prepared to offer the British people a second referendum on Prime Minister Theresa May's final Brexit deal.

Former shadow business secretary, Clive Lewis, and former shadow environment secretary, Rachael Maskell, said providing people with the opportunity to ratify or reject the final deal would not result in a repeat of last June's referendum.

They both attacked Mrs May for offering a 'pumped-up free market alternative with Donald Trump', accusing her of pursuing a Single Market exit with damaging economic consequences.

'The EU is the Champion League'

Reiterating this position by referring to football, Mr. Blair compared the EU to the Champion League, saying the Single Market is the League One of trading agreements and Britain is relegating itself by leaving.

He added that a vote on the final deal is not about attempting to overturn the will of the people, but accepting that their will changes over time.

Mr. Lewis and Ms Maskell both said the Prime Minister is refusing MPs proper scrutiny of the final deal in Parliament.

Both Mr. Corbyn and shadow Brexit Secretary, Keir Starmer, said this position is not in line with Labour's position on leaving the EU.

During an interview with Robert Peston, Mr. Starmer said his party would not offer a second referendum, even if the Tory leader created havoc as a result of her final deal.

A Labour source told The Guardian their party respects the result, but their manifesto will discuss how it wants to avoid a hard Tory Brexit that fails to prioritise the Single Market, the Customs Union and workers' rights.

But Mr. Blair refused to admit if his intervention was a direct criticism of Mr. Corbyn.

'Mr. Corbyn would get a bad deal for Britain'

Mr. Lewis and Ms Maskell resigned from the shadow cabinet in opposition to the Labour leader's decision to support the Government in triggering Article 50.

Rebuking their leader's claims, both MPs said Labour should offer a second vote if there was popular demand for it.

Conservative MP Steve Baker said opposition from two of Mr. Corbyn's former colleagues and others would result in him achieving a bad deal for Britain if he cannot get his party to unite behind him.

Mr. Lewis' and Ms Maskell's joint effort has been welcomed by the Liberal Democrats, the only party promising the British people a second referendum if they win this year's general election.

Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman Tom Brake said his party is the only one fighting to stop a disastrous hard Brexit and to give people a final say over what comes next.

There have been suggestions recently that Mr. Blair would campaign alongside Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron, to secure support from Remain voters who cannot accept the Government's position on leaving the EU.

Labour's Brexit position may make it difficult to retake seats lost in Scotland during the 2015 General Election.

Best4Britain founder, Gina Miller, has recently announced she intends to fund SNP MPs opposed to a hard Brexit.

61% of Scots who participated in last year's referendum voted to remain in the EU.

She also wants to sponsor Liberal Democrat MPs opposed to leaving the EU.

This year's general election will be held on June 8th.