What is it about Diane Abbott and her painful media performances that persuades Jeremy Corbyn to keep her in her brief as shadow Home Secretary? Is it the 'sexy' naked pictures he has of her to parade in front of his buddies? Is it their past love affair? Because if the Labour leader was the CEO of a large corporation, he should have fired Ms Abbott by now. Yet that sometimes fails to suffice in the world of politics at times. But it is his apparent inability to sack the Hackney PPC, regardless of her constant failures, that proves he is not ready to take on the office of prime minister.

'Britain would have elected a leader who is ready to surrender'

However, it is not just Ms Abbott he has let off the hook. The shadow Education Secretary, Angela Raynor, failed to clarify her numbers on education not that long ago. Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry is spectacularly embarrassing herself every time she appears on television. How can anyone believe that the Labour leader will be tough on terrorism, immigration and Brexit, three of the most critical issues that will help determine the outcome of this election,when he cannot even manage his own team? Mr. Juncker would laugh at every empty threat he intends to make to Brussels. Britain would have elected a leader in Mr. Corbyn who is ready to surrender under any circumstance.

If he was nominated as a candidate for the Labour leadership as part of a joke, then it is not funny anymore. Defeating Mr. Corbyn was always the best result the Conservatives could hope for, and the talented Labour backbenchers keen to overthrow him. But the more worrying prospect is who should replace him, if he chooses to resign on Friday morning? Given the current state of Labour's membership, the alternatives are frightening.