We have truly heard it all now. First it came from die-hard Remainers like Tony Blair, Gina Miller, Tim Farron, Professor AC Grayling and others: 'we are not in denial about last year's Brexit result', 'we just want to achieve the best Brexit outcome for Britain.' And now with French lawyer Julian Fouchet spouting the same nonsense either on his part or his clients', it is time for these Remainers who claim they represent 'the 48%' to admit they do not accept last year's EU Referendum result.

Mr. Fouchet may not be British, but like many others, he is in denial about Brexit. He is attempting to find a legal loophole, not in the unwritten British Constitution, but in the EU's complicated laws, to delay Britain's departure.

To be fair, he may well be doing this on behalf of his clients, who knows? He could be receiving large sums of money to initiate this case. Perhaps his clients are the die-hard Remainers? But to produce words from the same hymn sheet as the likes of Gina Miller and Professor Grayling with words to the effect of: 'a re-run of last year's referendum which includes Britons living abroad would be fairer' and 'I do not oppose Brexit' provides us with the impression these people think Brexiteers, and those who voted to remain in the EU, but accept the result, are utterly stupid. I very much doubt Mr. Fouchet's clients produced words to those effect. A French lawyer is no doubt wealthy, like many of the hard-core Remoaners here, and he is probably more concerned about his personal wealth than his clients' anxieties.

Britons are not buying it, Mr. Fouchet. The more people like you preach their love of the EU, the more it alienates Eurosceptics at home and abroad. You will not succeed.