Julian Fouchet, the French lawyer who is now attempting to undermine Britain's departure from the European Union, claims he is not pursuing this case out of personal gain. He said he is challenging Britain's Brexit referendum in the General Court of the EU because he is anxious about Britons living in France not having a vote over Britain's EU future. Yet it seems unclear as to what he is hoping to achieve from all this.

Most lawyers love throwing themselves into cases where they can achieve an outcome that boosts their ego and career prospects, even if they do genuinely care about their clients as well.

There is more to this case than meets the eye. There must be something in it for himself. If this French lawyer wants a re-run of last year's vote, he is not honestly informing us he does not, like President Macron, want to destroy Brexit? This news merely beggars belief.

Mr. Fouchet's timing is incredibly poor, or maybe his clients were too slow in asking him for legal advice over last year's vote. Either way, it seems entirely deliberate that he has chosen to pursue this case now. Surely he should realise it is far too late to attempt to overturn the EU Referendum result now that Article 50 has been triggered and the British Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of doing so? Brexit is a process, and I am afraid it is irreversible now. If these Britons were so concerned about their right to vote, why didn't they consult Mr. Fouchet sooner?

There's something stinky about all this, and no, I don't mean French garlic.