Among the many great qualities that the British as a nation have shown through centuries of adversity, it is the ability that when our backs are against the wall, we summon up the Bulldog-Spirit and come out fighting we are most proud of.

Try telling that to the upper echelons of the current Labour Party at the moment, as the collective response would be to bluff and bluster as the Shadow Home Secretary seems to do whenever questioned. Smile, as Corbyn does when the Party Leader is asked anything of substance, or show that you are still a back-bencher at heart when you, the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, starts showing admiration for the theories of Karl Marx.

Karl Marx! Who's he?

For anyone who is unsure, Karl Marx was a middle-class, revolutionary socialist, who spent most of his life living in the East End of London after being made stateless by his Prussian homeland. Writing Das Capital - not to be read by anyone mildly suicidal - he expounded the Chaos-Theory of social change, which became the doctrine of the many parties who tried to change Russia before the Bolsheviks eventually did in 1917.

Of course, this is the basis of the many parties who have tried to change the World ever since. Along with his partner Freidrich Engels, they expounded the belief that change would only come when the masses had risen up and thrown off the yolk of capitalism.

With such an idea, if worked into an act and toured the Music Halls, would they have become the Morecambe and Wise of their day?

The curse of the Sunday interview?

John McDonnell appeared on Sunday TV yesterday morning promising a number of bizarre offerings from the Labour goodie-bag. Firstly, that those earning above 80K per annum should by expected to be taxed more once he is in Downing Street; by exactly how much?.

Well, who knows? Secondly, that both he and Mr Corbyn would remain in power, no matter the extent of Labour's defeat, and thirdly, that the world could learn a lot from the doctrines of that master of the one-liner, Karl Marx. Of course, all the time ignoring that the party had just lost 380 seats in the local council elections.

A little later he was followed by Emily Thornberry, prominent Labour front bencher, on another program, whose main contribution was that people will vote for Theresa May, because she has, 'nice hair, ' or they like her 'shade of blue,' and that the electorate is allowing shallow choices to influence their decisions. She, of course, agreed with her 'would be' Chancellor, that there was no doubt that Labour would win in 4 weeks time, as there was no credible alternative.

Well good for them! The very thought of having a Marxist leaning Chancellor of the Exchequer, who would rail against private enterprise, private ownership, personal thinking, and instating punitive taxes for all, must have gained at least some support from those who are posting their ballots from North Korea...