Prince Philip has worked incredibly hard for the British Royal Family since becoming the Queen's Consort. He is a patron to 780 different organisations and he sacrificed his career in the Royal Navy to serve by Her Majesty's side.

Despite this, there is no doubt that as the Duke Of Edinburgh steps down from his public engagements, we will remember him for some of his best gaffes.

Here are a select few of some of his most memorable quotes:

He once asked: 'Are we going to need ear plugs' when Madonna was asked to sing the theme tune for the 2002 James Bond film Die Another Day.

He called a car park attendant a 'silly bloody fool' for failing to recognise who he was.

He once said to republican Independent editor Simon Kelner: 'Well, you didn't have to come', after learning that he was invited to Buckingham Palace.

He asked a female sea cadet if she worked in a strip club.

He said to the then President of Nigeria in 2003 that he looked ready for bed in reference to the type of dress he was wearing at the time.

In 1986, he described the Chinese capital, Beijing, as ghastly.

He then went on to say the exact same thing about Stoke-on-Trent during a visit in 1997.

He described the Duke of York's house in 1986 as a tart's bedroom.

During a party in 2004, he said: 'Bugger the table plan, give me my dinner!'

The list of outstanding quotes the Prince has made in the past goes on, but credit goes to the Duke of Edinburgh for having the guts to say many of these infamous lines. I wonder if his pre-existing public duties include meeting President Donald Trump, I'm sure they could have a competition on who can produce the biggest gaffe.