On-line journalist Chris Spivey boasts his next article has the potential to bring the British establishment crashing down and see the demise of the British Royal family.

This begs the question; can an article bring down the British Royal Family?

While a century ago it would have been the combined force of an invading army needed to bring down a royal dynasty, is it true that in the 21st Century the pen really is mightier than the sword, and that the words of Chris Spivey really have the potential of doing what a thousand men could do on a battlefield?

Convicted of harassing Lee Rigby's family in 2015, Chris Spivey has written a number of ground-breaking articles which have exposed wrong-doing ignored by mainstream media.

Take for example his exposĕ of a convicted ANC terrorist working for the NSPCC, to alleging the Glasgow bin lorry crash was a false-flag-event, his hatred of David Cameron, parliamentary paedophiles, and to his most infamous article which got him into so much trouble, his contention that the Woolwich Lee Rigby murder was a false-flag-event and that all the witnesses involved and even Lee Rigby's family, are crisis actors working towards a secret agenda and nefarious ends.

Controversial as ever, Chris Spivey said in his latest article 'Mick and the Elephants', “I will prove to you all (as long as you have a functioning brain), beyond doubt that the official version surrounding Diana: Princess of Wales in a car crash is absolute bollocks.”

Set to bring a new dimension to the infamous Princess Diana crash, propelling the incident into the same realms of conspiracy theory as JFK's assassination, Chris Spivey is a 'love him' or 'hate him' type of character who recently got LBC radio presenter Steve Allen into trouble with Ofcom.

Found in breach of Ofcom Rule 2.3 for potentially offensive material, Steve Allen is quoted to have called Spivey a “vile piece of filth,” a “stupid pathetic waste of space,” and “not only immensely stupid but thick at the same time.”

Found not guilty of inciting the commission of crime, by encouraging listeners to “thrown things” at him, Steve Allen is evidently in the 'hate him' category while millions of loyal and dedicated readers can't get enough of Spivey's unique style of journalism.

Banned from publishing anything to do with the Lee Rigby Woolwich incident, Chris Spivey is making the most of his creative freedom to take a critical look at the recent Paris terror attacks, which ultimately lead him onto the tangent of the Princess Diana's crash, after he came across “a new piece of information that sent a fucking great shiver down his spine,” (as he wrote in his 'I see dead people' article.)

Whether his much anticipated article actually brings down the Windsor Royal family is yet to be seen...