If you have been wondering where kellyanne conway is, you are not alone For those who don’t know who she is or have forgotten her words of wisdom, she is (or was) one of Donald Trump’s trusted advisers, his defender, and spokesperson. Lately, however, we have not been hearing much from her. Where is she now and what has she doing?

Remembering Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway was a Republican party campaign manager, pollster, and strategist. She initially supported Ted Cruz in the Republican primaries but was appointed a senior adviser to Trump after Cruz withdrew from the race.

After running a successful election campaign she was appointed Counselor to the President. A regular spokesperson for the Trump administration, Kellyanne has had many missteps and her recent silence has led to questions about her current status

A controversial strategist

It would prove to be a tumultuous job for Conway, who was often known to make some outrageous statements in her role as defender of all things Donald Trump. When Trump exaggerated the turnout at his inauguration, she described it as “alternative facts.” She stated that Michael Flynn had the full confidence of the president just hours before he was fired. She referred to a “Bowling Green Massacre” which never happened and endorsed Ivanka Trump's clothing line on TV.

Media sources questioned her integrity and many banned her from further interviews.

The media in her crosshairs

Kellyanne Conway is indeed absent – from the media at least but she is still having her say – unofficially. Lately, she has been following in the footsteps of her boss in heaping criticism on the media. Appearing at a conference at the Newseum museum in D.C, she described reporting of the President’s 100 Days as “presumptively negative” media coverage and said that some reporters are out to prove that they were right all along about Donald Trump.

Conway gave a reason for why the President would not attend this year’s correspondence dinner – he is unhappy with the way the administration is covered.

She's back

More recently. on Sunday, Kellyanne Conway emerged to have her say on Trump’s 100 days. Talking on "Fox & Friends Weekend," she said that the President’s Pennsylvania rally on Saturday proved that Americans appreciated the president was keeping his promises and making the country safer and more prosperous.

Then on Tuesday night, the counselor to the president took to Twitter to respond to Hillary Clinton’s claim that her loss was due to outside forces. She seems to be back - on social media at least. In true Kellyanne fashion, she tweeted; "You Ignored WI," "Called us deplorable/irredeemable," "Had oodles of $$ & no message," "Lost to a better candidate," She signed the tweet, "From: Woman in the White House."

Ignored by the Media?

The fact that we only hear from Kellyanne Conway rarely these days leaves one to ponder whether she is still active in her role as counselor to the president. Could it be that she is being ignored by the media or that she is silenced in light of the numerous embarrassments to the administration caused by her statements. You would be hard pressed to find any substantive interviews or statements from her in recent times, leading to the question, where was Kellyanne Conway and is she back?