Watching the President of the United States of America, and leader of the free-world, one Donald J Trump work the room in front of various heads of States in the new NATO building in Brussels yesterday, was a sharp lesson. Even after 100+ plus days in the job, has he not yet learned even the basics of simple diplomacy?


Firstly, who writes the speeches? They are infantile to the most embarrassing degree. It is as if he is addressing those who can only process words that use the fewest syllables. He reads as if his batteries need changing, with all the passion and gusto of a dead mouse.

Whereas, his illustrious predecessor seemed to speak from the heart and totally off the cuff.

After leading a tribute and then a minutes silence for the victims of Monday's Manchester attack -- which surely should have been Theresa May's job - he then rounded on those gathered as if asking why their homework was late this week: telling off those who have more experience in political matters is surely a job for off camera not on.

You cannot get away with treating those who, in some cases, are masters of their trade like errant schoolchildren. These people are leaders of their countries and have more diplomatic miles behind them than Trump has in front of him. Trump is the one giving the reprimand and ends up looking like a complete fool.

It was no wonder the Dutch PM, and others in his immediate hearing sniggered behind their hands.


According to a report by USA Today, possibly the most embarrassing moment occurred when he physically pushed the Montenegran -- not yet a NATO member -- President out of the way as if to get to the ice cream and jelly tray first, only to be disappointed by yet another photo opportunity.

Or perhaps it was simply a misheard moment. At the back of the queue 'photo shoot' can be misheard as 'puppet show?'

His appearance with the new French PM was a further embarrassment, as he seemed to almost arm wrestle instead of giving a cordial handshake. Once again, it is all about Trump's inability to handle the simplest task and his macho dominated desire to be seen to be 'always in charge.'

The action has now moved to a G7 Summit meeting in Sicily and one can only wait with bated breath as to what antics go down there.

As his first overseas jaunt draws to a close its success or failure can be summed up by the look on one man's face. The Pope looked none too pleased as his audience with the Trump Party drew to a close on Wednesday. The Pontiff, a man whose smile can light up a darkened room, showed his irritation. At what? No one will ever know, but if it was replicated at the end of every one of The Donald's meetings over the past seven days, the President surely must be feeling pleased with how well this whole Trump trip, has gone down.