The Communist dictatorship and the Jewish state

Israel is a majority Jewish state with a fully functioning democracy based on a parliamentary model. With North Korea, they are a hardline Communist state with a hereditary dictatorship and that is their model of government.

Israel has come under condemnation for its treatment of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and North Korea has a brutal human rights record in regards to its citizens.

People may call Benjamin Netanyahu a fascist but at the end of the day, he can be voted out of office whereas the people of the Communist state are stuck with Kim Jong-un in a dictatorship.

The role of China and the US in regards to both nations

Both have backers in the shape of two huge world powers and guarantee more or less the stability and security of both nations.

The US is a friend and supporter of Israel and gives financial and military aid to the Jewish state. North Korea has been backed by the Chinese before and after the Korean War and up to the present day.

It is suspected that Israel has a nuclear capability and with North Korea, they do have a capability hence their nuke tests and test firing of missiles. How much external pressure and influence the US and China have on these two nations though is sometimes open to question.

Israels spat with North Korea

It seems strange at first that Israel and North Korea who do not share a land border would fall out but given Israel is a friend of the United States perhaps it is not so strange.

Avigdor Lieberman a spokesman for the Netanyahu government described Kim Jong-un as a mad man and a threat to world peace. Lieberman is no stranger to controversy in his comments about the Palestinians and so his words about North Korea should come as no surprise.

North Korea responded with threatening words unsurprisingly saying that Israel was an occupier of the Palestinian people and said it did not take kindly to Lieberman's views on Kim Jong-un.

It also went on that Israel was the only nation with illegal nuclear weapons.

It is doubtful this spat between these two nations will make any difference in the standoff between Trump and Kim.

Both Israel and North Korea are geographically located in areas of the world where there has always been tensions and sometimes situations leading to conflict.

Let us hope that the dangerous situations in the Middle East and the Korean Peninsula do lead to wider conflict on the world stage.