Corbyn: The man

Jeremy Corbyn, I feel, has been given a raw deal by the press and the right wing media painting him out to be some nutter. Granted no one is perfect and that unfortunately these days applies to politicians of whatever hue but in Corbyn maybe we have something different just for once.

Corbyn could be regarded as a left wing extremist in his views with his dubious support for people like Fidel Castro. Perhaps some of his words about Hamas and Hezbollah being his friends should have been thought through but aren't we all guilty of flippant throwaway comments at times if that's what it was.

Corbyn says he does not do insult and in his battles with first David Cameron and then Theresa May he has read out communications to him from members of the public to ask the Prime Minister of the day questions. This is something as far as I am aware that has never been done before by any leader of the opposition.

Corbyn: Like a Biblical prophet

When Jeremy Corbyn appeared on 'The Andrew Marr Show' some time ago Marr compared Corbyn to John the Baptist. In the Bible John, the Baptist was obviously not on the parliamentary salary Corbyn is on but joking aside I can see why Marr made the comparison.

Jeremy Corbyn running with the religious theme for a while does have support from many Christian groups.

There is actually a page on Facebook by Christians supporting him through prayer and a Christian group called Christians on the Left formerly The Christian Socialist Movement which also backs him.

I'm not painting out Corbyn to be some kind of prophet here but if you look at what he espouses it links in with Christ's Sermon on the Mount.

Some time ago Corbyn got into trouble with some for saying Jesus was a socialist but looking at Christ's teachings I can see what he means.

If Corbyn were to become Prime Minister his relationship with Trump would be different to May and Trump himself is backed by the Christian right notably people like Kenneth Copeland. As to emphasise this Corbyn said jokingly there would be no hand holding with Trump as May did when she met him at the White House.

Some aspects of Corbyn worry me; namely his stance on immigration and I understand kindness shown to the stranger fleeing wars or famine. However, there are those who wish to enter the UK for dubious reasons too and another factor is more people in the country means more strain on the NHS, welfare, jobs etc.

Corbyn no pacifist

Corbyn has stated that he opposes nuclear weapons but it seems he has compromised on this one with Trident supporting ministers in his shadow cabinet. Corbyn did not and does not support the bombing of Assad or IS and thinks the so-called war on terror has been handled wrongly so far.

Corbyn has said in any crisis he would seek a peaceful solution first but at the end of the day if all peaceful means had failed he would use military force but only and ever as the last option.

Corbyn said he wants to appoint a Minister of Peace if he is elected to 10 Downing Street and while this might seem odd there are also merits in this.

Whatever happens to Corbyn come June 8th Corbyn is what he is and indeed has brought something different to the table from the run of the mill Blairite politicians.