If opinion polls still possess any credibility in today's world and are worth believing, it seems Turkey has more than likely voted to allow President Erdogan emergency powers to deal with crises like last June's failed coup against the President. Mirroring what is happening in Russia, President Erdogan, like Russia's President Putin, is the next biggest threat to democracy.

Once these constitutional changes have been implemented post-2019, President Erdogan is likely to remain in power until 2029. The position of prime minister will be abolished, further centralising the Turkish President's power base, and substantially weakens the Turkish Parliament further.

There will be no checks and balances on his powers and he can issue executive orders without parliamentary approval. He will also be able to draw up budgets and scrap legislation he detests and the Turkish Parliament will be able to do nothing to stop him.

It is no secret rising dictators claim they are acting on behalf of the 'will of the people' as an excuse to consolidate their power, and President Erdogan is no exception. This is a sad day for those who cling to the hope of Turkish democracy. One can only hope the electoral board discover a substantial number of illegitimate votes to enable the CHP to challenge the result. But that looks unlikely now. And who is to say Mr. Erdogan won't attempt to solidify his power further into the 2030s? Watch this space.