This might be the first time that some hear his name, but Mr Janusz Korwin-Mikke is well known in the institutions, especially for his polemic comments.

Back in time

He is not happy with only considering Women to be inferior to me and even questioning women's right to vote as, in his own words, 'women are less hammered into politics than men.' the MEP also said in 2013 that Adolf Hitler was not aware of the holocaust as this had been organised by Himmler. In 2015 he was suspended for ten days as he made a Nazi salute and, in 2016, he was suspended again (assistance and revenues) because he compared the new immigrants that arrived in Europe to "excrements".

Does equity exist?

The problem in Europe is not only that some people have retrograde ideas. The real problem is that our institutions seem to ignore the fact that equity is utopia. Although 37 percent of MEP are women, some countries are far from respecting equality, even in their own national parliaments.

Shall we mention that among the European countries (not EU) with a higher percentage of women in the legislative constitutions we have Norway, with a 39.1% or women in the Lower House, Spain (39.1% of the 350 members in the Lower House and 38% of the total of 266 members of the Senate) or Belgium (38% of the 150 and 50% out of 60) and the countries with the lower percentages are Latvia (16.0% out of 100 members in the Lower House), Malta (12.5% of the 72 members of the Lower House), Liechtenstein (12.0% of te 25 members of the Lower House).

Sexism, Europe's remaining ulcer

Since the 1st of January 2017, 19 women were killed by their husbands and boyfriends in Spain. In addition to that, a baby was killed by her father when he jumped from the hospital's window with the child. Both died. In Germany, a Spanish man killed his sons in revenge. He told his Russian-born wife (they were separated) that he would do this as Jose Breton killed and burnt his own children as he did not accept that his wife wanted to get divorced.

There are several types of violence

This is awful, but it's even worse to think that some countries do not even have a register of sexist violence against women, or that teenagers consider it "normal" to control their partner's phones or ask them where they are all they time. That's what they call "caring" nowadays.

However, there are also other "hidden" kinds of violence.

Non-physical violence, but they hurt, sometimes even more than being punched. As some examples, let's mention the following: not receiving the same salary than a man for the same job; finding in the dictionary that, as a woman, you are the 'weak gender', not being able to go out without being the subject of obscene comments in the street; or having to pay extra VAT for sanitary products.