The male injection has been found to be effective in studies involving around 270 men. During the trial only four pregnancies happened among the partners.Because quite a few of the men experienced side effects, including depression, other mood disorders and acne,the studywas stoppeddue tosafety reasons. Researchers have been trying to discover a male contraceptive for the last20 years. This makes theburden of birth control normally fall onto women's shoulders.

What about women's birth control side effects?

Many of us women who are on the pill have to experience and get over any side effects including, weight gain, depression, migrainesand many more.

However there are very few advertisedoptions for women and the pill seems the most suitable for many of us.

How effective was the injection?

The hormonal birth control injection for men, which aims to prevent pregnancy by reducing levels of men's sperm count, was found to be 96% effective. The trial, that had already been going on for a year, had to end early due to the side effects. A few men couldn't handle the side effects and dropped out from the trial. So even though the injections were effective itwill not be released to the public untill the side effects have been reduced.

Why do men get out of the same side effects that women experience?

So the trial for the male birth control was stopped as it wasn't safe enough for the contraceptive to go on the market.

However women are experiencing the same side effects that stopped this injection for being safe. This is all because researchers at the time thought these side effects were acceptable. So now that we believe they aren't acceptable, do women get another shot at birth control trials?

What happened during the trials for women?

Birth control trials for women began in 1950s and 60s.

Women were forced to put on trial because no one wanted tovolunteer after what they were told about the side effects of the pill. These women weren't told what the pill was or what it was for, they weretold to take it and to shut up.Some women even died in the trial.However these deaths werenever investigated to see if it was the consequences of the side effects. Even because of this the first version of the pill was still released.

Men's birth control isn't being released due to side effects women already suffer from. Talk about equality.