Exactly four months before the 12th anniversary of the bomb attacks that hit London, a Bomb Threat causes a big alert among the commuters and pedestrians at the central area of London Bridge. According to Metro UK, around 1.40 pm today, someone reported to the police that there was something suspicious. As a result, one of the busiest areas in the British capital was evacuated within minutes and the users of public transport were astonished and scared.

Apparently, the bomb was thought to have been left in a silver-colored Volkswagen car parked in the surroundings of the station, and this was registered by the police.

This is, however, not the first time that there has been a bomb threat in the United Kingdom in the last years and, actually, not even when London is one of the most video-secured cities in the world.

Similar scenarios

Only this afternoon, the Danish newspaper The Copenhagen Post announced that the central train station of Copenhagen had been closed due to a bomb attack alert. May we mark that on the 14th of February, the Danes celebrated the 2nd anniversary of one of the worse attacks that the country saw in many years?

A Muslim man attacked an event dedicated to the victims of the attack on Charlie Hebdo, which took place on the 7th of January. As a result, three people were injured and another person died.

Among the attendants, we can mention the Swedish artist Lars Vilks (famous for painting Mohammad as a dog) and the French Ambassador in Denmark, François Zimeray.

A few hours later, the suspect allegedly killed a Jewish man at the Great Synagogue located in the central area of Norreport, very famous among the students due to its proximity to the libraries and cafés in the area.

Two more police officers were injured and the shooter was later killed by the police. As a result, all the Jewish monuments and important buildings were secured by the police for a year.

World wide alert

Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, USA, Spain or Germany are only a few of the targets that Al-Qaeda pointed out on the map after the war in Iraq took place in 2001 and the authorities in Europe have started to launch campaigns asking citizens to report anything suspicious.

Nevertheless, far from stopping terrorism, events like this have only raised the fear and the concerns of the citizens regarding international politics and the government's attitude towards the attacks.