Gary Lineker has been an ardent voice against measures introduced by the government and often speaking out against the Tory regime, particularly over their handling of the refugee crisis. But recently crisp expert Lineker has suffered a blow. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has given up Crisps for lent. This has already caused widespread disruptions and factory job losses.

It was estimated that May was eating a significant amount of crisps daily. Enough to make Lineker, the face of Walkers, feel a bit queasy.

Who is Gary Lineker

The man who made himself as the world's leading crisp expert, briefly played football.

He made several appearances for current Premier League champions, Leicester City in the 1980s. After years of plying away in a relatively obscure League, he decided to hang up his boots and concentrate on other passions. That is when he turned his hand at Crispography, the forefront of crisp history and science.

During his education he was often regarded as a rebel, someone who was readily to go against the establishment. This is how he founded, a now leading technique, known as the 'crunch time’. This technique allows experts date and pinpoint the origin with astounding accuracy.

Theresa May's boycott

The government has always had a dislike for experts but as an outspoken critic of the government’s Brexit policy, he has attracted the interest of many.

He often cites scientific research into crisps would drop significantly with European partners, with many research projects already in jeopardy. May, who is adamant that Britain will remain a leading nation in scientific crisp research has decided to give up crisps for lent.

She stated that “I will not be held accountable for my actions and individuals such as Gary Lineker are unpatriotic and want to block democracy.

My mandate is clear, and anyone who claims otherwise is wrong. The will of the people have spoken and liberal elite such as Gary, are forcing me to drastic austerity measures despite evidence suggesting they are unnecessary”.

The effect of the boycott

The full effect of the boycott is unknown and whether Lineker himself will respond and if so, how, is yet to be seen.

But there is a correlation between this protest and Walker’s announcing that 380 jobs will be lost at a factory in Peterlee.

A spokesman said “we have been hit hard because we exported a high number of crisps to London and since Theresa May announced that she was giving them up, our sales have dropped considerably. We are concerned about the long-term economic outlook but with more research, hopefully, we won't crumble”.