Beau Biden’s widow, Hallie and his married brother, Hunter, are having an affair. The romantic relationship between Hunter and Hallie has been confirmed by former Vice-President Joe Biden who told the news media that the couple has their blessing and that they are lucky they found each other. Hunter also confirmed the affair saying that they were lucky to have each other in difficult times. There is no word on how long Hunter and Hallie were having the affair or how the story broke to the media.

Beau Biden passed away after suffering from brain cancer in May of 2015 leaving behind his wife Hallie, daughter Natalie and son Hunter.

Beau was the attorney general of Delaware prior to his death. Hunter , the younger son of Joe Biden is married to Kathleen but they were separated in October, five months after the death of his brother. The couple have three daughters, Maisy, Naomi and Finnegan. There is no confirmation on whether a divorce has been filed between Hunter and Katherine but Hunter has confirmed his affair with the widow of his brother.

Social media responds

Social media is all a flutter with the revelation of the affair between Beau’s widow and his brother. While some comments take a hand-off approach to the news others like the examples below, expressed their disapproval.

“Looks like the Biden family has stepped into Jerry Springer territory.”

“Another Creepy Democrat Saga: Beau Biden's widow having affair with his brother,---”

Family Tragedies

Former Vice President Joe Biden and his family have suffered immensely from the tragedies in their lives including the passing of their son and brother Beau after hard fought battle with brain cancer.

The death of his son was one of the reasons Joe gave that contributed to his decision not to make a presidential run in 2016.

Who is Hunter

We probably know more about Beau than we do about Hunter but that will soon change in light of his current romantic relationship with the widow of his brother. Hunter lost his mother and younger sister in a car crash in 1970.

Both Hunter and brother Beau suffered serious injuries in the crash. In 2014, Hunter was released from the US Navy reserve after failing a drug test. In 2015, Hunter denied he was a member of the dating site Ashley Madison when an email matching his was found on the hacked website.