Can one feel sorry for Paul Nuttall this morning when he was being pressed by Andrew Marr over his Hillsborough claims? If you believe what he says that he refuses to disclose this information because it is 'personal' to him, then you can understand his resistance to the temptation of informing the press about his connection to the tragedy. However, he was incredibly touchy and defensive this morning. It is fair to conclude he is hiding something.

'Meat off the bone'

Yet Nuttall did admit responsibility to his failure over stating that he served on the Northwest Training Management Council and that he should regularly check his website over any false claims he has made in the past.

But given how angry he was in response to Marr's other questions, is he just offering the BBC presenter some meat off the bone to save his reputation?

'Purple Pinocchio'

He may despise the media for the way they conducted themselves during the Stoke election, but they have already labelled him as 'the purple Pinocchio.' The Kipper had better pray for a miracle, because if Nuttall continues to have car crash interviews like this, he is going to need one.