There have been numerous books published in the past called 'The Strange Death of Liberal England', 'Conservative England,' and quite recently, 'Labour England.' After Andrew Marr highlighted to Ukip leader Paul Nuttall this morning that they have only raised £33000, which puts them behind the Liberal Democrats, and after a disastrous defeat in Stoke, one has to ask: are we now witnessing the 'strange death of UKIP England?'

'Huge milestones'

Prior to the EU Referendum, UKIP had crossed huge milestones under Farage's leadership, achieving significant gains in all European Parliament elections held since 2004, and securing their ultimate goal of full withdrawal from the EU.

After failing to win the 'Brexit capital of Britain' and with their donations sinking, this will make it difficult for the Party to consolidate its foothold in politics.

'English nationalism'

But they can still provide a voice for those who are anti-establishment and want to curb EU immigration. As their core base of support is in England and they believe in legislating for events like a bank holiday for St. George's Day, they should reinvent themselves as an English nationalist party. One could argue this may not be particularly successful, but then again, no one dreamed in 2004 that 12 years later they would have achieved their aim of Westminster voting to trigger the process of leaving the EU. Watch this space.