At a time when the media seem so focused on Prime Minister theresa May's plans to implement Brexit and a nation divided as a result of last year's vote and Sturgeon's calls for a second independence referendum, today she spoke for everyone in Britain.

Spoke for us all

Despite adding insult to May's Brexit plans, even Lib Dem leader Tim Farron admitted that 'she really did speak for all of us.'

Numerous MPs lavished May with praise for her handling of the Westminster attacks. And to give credit where it is due, she was able to portray this nation's disgust and anger at this cowardly atrocity.

Conservative MP for Shipley Philip Davies said he is proud to call her our Prime Minister.

Steadfast leadership

She possessed steadfast leadership skills in her response to the tragedy. There are times when politicians are called to service to lead their country at a unique time, and today May proved she was the right prime minister for a particular context.

May has received praise from across the pond by President Trump and he has equally proven he is prepared to stand by his nation's closest ally.

Today, we were reminded of how brilliant she is in a crisis. For those who do not feel she is an able leader, think again.