Bravo to Conservative Mp James Cleverly who made a moving speech in honour of his friend PC Keith Palmer, who, as Prime Minister Theresa May said in her response, 'paid the ultimate sacrifice in the heart of democracy.'

It is little wonder that he was so easily moved to tears. It is clear Cleverly knew PC Palmer well as they both served in the Royal Artillery together.

Police Roll of Honour

His call for PC Palmer to be recognised for his 'gallantry and sacrifice with a recognition' is sensible. It is clear he was a man who dedicated his life to serving this country, both as a gunner alongside Cleverly 25 years ago, and as a policeman.

That is why it is only right the police officer will be added to the Police Roll Of Honour.

Passion and pride

Sometimes we forget in an age where politicians are mistrusted and constantly hounded by the press that they are only human like all of us.

Cleverly's speech came from the heart. He spoke with passion and pride of his former friend and comrade. And as an MP, what better place to pay his tribute than in the mother of all parliaments?