Five people have died and at least forty other were terribly injured in an attack that happened this Wednesday afternoon in the area of Parliament Square. Scotland Yard is calling a "terrorist incident" until they can clarify exactly what happened.

Scary afternoon

What has been said, so far is that a car struck a number of people on the Westminster Bridge on the sidewalk as it moved towards the Parliament gate. After the car crashed the driver got out of the car and attacked one of the security guards with a knife, wounding him.The others security guards who were close by noticed the situation and shot at the attacker who got down.

The House of Parliament was locked down for a few hours with deputies and staff inside until the police had control of the situation. Around 40-50 armed policemen arrived at the place right after the attack.

The horror

There was shouting, running and tumult. People were running everywhere looking for a safe place. The London Eyes stopped working with many tourists inside and this was scary as they did not know what was happening. A group of French school children were on the Westminster bridge and a few got injured. Those people who were passing by at the time stopped and assisted in the rescue of the victims. Several ambulances were called to attend to the injured. Westminster underground station was closed and re-opened later at night only for interchanges.

Buses were diverted and the population was advised to avoid the area. Until police and investigators are sure of what happened. They need to fully investigate why gunshots were fired and if the attempt is linked to a terrorist attack. Until this has been established- nothing will be said in order to avoid false alarm.

Fight against terror

Prime Minister Theresa May, who people believe was inside the Parliament or close to it is safe and declared that the attack was "sick and depraved." She also said that UK "will never give in to terror." Beside the day's events, the PM said that the Parliament will meet on Thursday as usual. The attacker who the Police may know and the officer attacked with a knife are two of the five fatal victims.