'What will Brexit look like?' This was the common question hounded by Stronger In during last year's EU Referendum, yet 52% of participants during the vote still took that risk. Scottish independence, however, seems incredibly risky, and the Snp's Europe spokesman, Stephen Gethins MP, failed to provide those answers.

'What will independence look like?'

At least Vote Leave clarified what the Government should aim to achieve in the event of a Brexit vote last year and their aims were clear. Gethins failed to state the SNP's policy on EU membership, let alone independence.

The truth is, they know deep down Scotland would not automatically join the EU if it left the UK.

As Mark Field MP said on The Daily Politics, Sturgeon is just 'playing politics.'

'Divided by two types of nationalism'

Labour MP Alison McGowan said on the show Scottish nationalism is helping to tear apart the UK, along with UKIP's nationalism. The former point is certainly true.

Brexit or not, history informs us that Britain is only stronger when it is together as one nation. We can overcome any challenge as one. Let's hope the majority of Scots realise that in the event of a likely vote.