Many of us want to know what Obama is doing post presidency. It shouldn't be too difficult to follow him since he still lives in Washington and his successor Donald Trump makes sure we don't forget him. However, apart from a few sightings and snapshots of him on vacation, where is the 44th president now and what is he doing?

Extended vacation

To be sure the former US president appear to be having a good time. We have all seen the photos of him with Richard Branson in the Virgin Islands looking relaxed and we secretly wonder if he would ever return home.

He did but not for long. It was off to Hawaii in March for another vacation where he was spotted playing golf in Oahu followed by dinner with Michelle at Buzz's Lanikai. From there it was off to a South Pacific Island of Tetiaroa which once belonged to Marlon Brandon.

Making and renewing connections

When not on vacation there is some hob nobbling to do. The 44th President had lunch with Warren Buffet and his daughter in Omaha Nebraska where he enjoyed a taco salad at Happy Hollow country club. Other meetings with the rich and famous included Silicon Valley executives in California and U2's Bono and daughter in New York.

Serious Business

It's not all fun in the sun as there is some Serious Business ahead.

There is a book to write which will mean the need for a lot of quiet time, perhaps on an Island somewhere. He currently has a West wing office in his new Kalorama home where he still has a staff to supervise. Then there is the business of the redistricting project which is intended to help democrats with the task of redrawing maps which favor the Republicans.

If that is not enough, there are the Obama foundation and a presidential library to build.


The newly retired head of state has been flying below the radar since leaving office. Any glimpse of the popular president is sure to draw a crowd of eager onlookers. There is an image of him leaving the National Gallery of Art in Washington on March 5th and there was an earlier sighting in February when a crowd gathered to get a glimpse of him leaving a building on 5th avenue. The consensus is that he looks relaxed and who wouldn't after a gruelling eight years in the white house.