It was a delight to see Theresa May laughing so much today whilst listening to Jeremy Corbyn's response to the Budget. It wouldn't surprise me if more MPs were crying with joy. There has never been a better day for the Government than to see the Labour Party reduced to a shambolic mess that make the 90s seem like good days for the Conservatives.


It could be old age (after all, Corbyn is in his 70s), but how can the Labour Leader fail to address the hike in class 4 tax rates for the self-employed despite being briefed prior to the Budget.

Or it could just be the disastrous leadership style of Corbyn that led to this embarrassment.

Own goal

That's what makes his Budget response so delicious, and ironic. He accused the Government of utter complacency. But the irony is that Corbyn is an utterly shambolic Leader of The Opposition. Suzanne Evans said that the Government had made an own goal over self-employed tax increases, but the only one who has scored own goals over the last two years is Corbyn.

Just go, man

In fact, the Labour Leader could take a leaf from his own book. Since his party retained Stoke, it seems he does not understand the reasons for his defeat in Copeland. He may think Stoke is safe for him, but Labour's future is far from safe if he does not do the decent thing and 'just go, man.'