Peter Mandelson, the architect of New Labour and right-hand man of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, has stated that he intends to undermine Jeremy Corbyn's leadership 'every single day'. Mandelson's comments were met by cheers by Blairite peers that disagreed with Corbyn's implementation of a three line whip that told MPs to vote in support of granting Theresa May the power to trigger article 50.

Mandelson & Blair continue to criticise Corbyn

Mandelson, at an event for the Jewish Chronicle, stated that he was actively attempting to bring an end to Corbyn's leadership.

Both Mandelson and Tony Blair have been in the news recently in what has been perceived as an attempt to establish a new central political party.

Last week, former Prime Minister Tony Blair claimed that a 'weak Labour has facilitated a disastrous Brexit'. In a similar vein, Mandelson urged pro-European Union MPs from all parties to source the courage to oppose Theresa May's government.

'Corbyn has no idea how to conduct himself as leader'

Throughout the course of Corbyn's leadership, Mandelson has been hostile towards the Labour leader. Speaking to the editor of the Jewish Chronicle, Mandelson said: 'The problem with Jeremy is that he has no idea how to conduct himself as a leader of a major party that is attempting to win an election.I don't want to walk away from a great party like Labour and willingly hand the keys over to Jeremy Corbyn.

I work every single day to bring his tenure to an end'.

In response, an anonymous senior Labour MP told the Guardian: 'Mandelson is part of the establishment and they are terrified that someone will implement policies that will be beneficial to the people of Britain. It's no surprise that Mandelson, a man that spends his time on oligarch's yachts, has attempted to undermine him'.

There's little appetite for a change in leadership within the Labour party. Diane Abbott, one of Corbyn's closest allies, told the media that Labour would be supporting Corbyn, regardless of the results of crucial byelections upcoming in Stoke and Copeland.

'We are incredibly optimistic we can retain these seats. If we don't, Corbyn has the backing of the party,' Abbott said.