The triggering of Article 50 is dawning upon Britain. Tomorrow, Parliament will vote on the final amendments to the Bill that legislates Brexit. And given how imminent this historical event is, the Brexit Secretary David Davis did a superb job justifying the Government's approach to triggering Article 50.

Flurry of criticism

He came under a flurry of criticism prior to his Marr interview. Owen Jones suggested that the Government may have to resort to 'disastrous' WTO rules, the chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee Crispin Blunt argued that the Department for Leaving the EU has only just started planning for Brexit, and the Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey argued the Conservatives were threatening the rights of EU citizens.

Deflecting criticism

But Davis was well-prepared and he was able to deflect these criticisms. It is clear that despite all the media hysteria about the Brexit Department being understaffed, they are ready to trigger Article 50. Davis was calm and relaxed throughout his interview, which shows he is confident this Government has got its priorities ready.

So let's hope they trigger Article 50 this week.