No, Ms sturgeon, Brexit has not altered the need for a second independence referendum; it is merely your excuse to hold one. As Ruth Davidson brilliantly pointed out this morning on The Andrew Marr Show, she has 'no vision' for an independent Scotland. So why should anyone else believe her?

Internal civil war

The opinion polls show that support for independence is at a low. The No side have gained an 11% lead in a recent YouGov poll.

An internal civil war is brewing in the SNP. Sturgeon wants Scotland to rejoin the EU, but Alex Salmond suggested his country would instead apply for EEA membership.

Sturgeon is spouting the same tired arguments as her predecessor did during the 2014 Referendum. Davidson reminded Marr that the SNP has failed to answer basic questions like what type of currency would an independent Scotland use? Would they have a central bank? If it's true when they say people fail to learn from history, it's no wonder it repeats itself. Salmond failed to answer these basic questions then, and his successor cannot do it now.

Muddled and confused

The SNP vision, if there is one, for independence is muddled, confused and contradictory. As Davidson said: she is hellbent on independence.'