The future of the UK is at stake yet our government are playing party politics with it, yet people would rather bury their heads in the ground about it. They have no direction with Brexit, they have no real plan or back up plan if it goes wrong. After admitting that they have not looked at the financial implications of no deal after 2 years and the massive U-turn on a major policy a week after the announcement, they are continuing to look increasingly incompetent at best.

They have no real direction or plan for the country, they have no desire to support the poorest and bring sustainable growth for long after they have left office.

It is the job of the government, whom people choose, to do the best for the whole of society and leave it for the next government to build upon. There needs to be a clear plan for the UK with policy focus on Energy, Education, and Innovation.


There should be focus on bringing energy to more affordable levels, with the big corporations working with community led schemes not against them for the sake of profit alone. The big 6 should be penalised for such tight controls on the market, ensuring the difficulty for any other energy company to grow. With clear investment into the renewable sector from the government, who should encourage all companies, private and public, to divest pension funds away from fossil fuels and reinvest it into renewables.

Statistics show renewable investment performs as well if not better than its fossil fuel counterparts. Serious discussions would need to be continued with unions over areas that jobs are heavily invested in the fossil fuel industry, looking towards reskilling and investment. Climate change is the biggest issue society faces, the UK needs to become a global leader in tackling this, building on from the Paris Climate Agreement is the best place to start.


The future of the world relies on how we teach our children and future generations. The whole system needs an overhaul, subjects should be replaced with topics that subsume multiple subjects at a time. Politics should be taught from secondary school with a focus on local government to begin with, giving a fundamental understanding how politics works.

Control should be given to the local communities with teachers and educational staff in charge of the curriculum and admittance with increase funding to creative arts.


This encompass a vast amount of areas but innovation is vital for sciences, education, energy, health, culture, sport, plus much more. It helps society build a solid foundation to further improve in the future. The UK needs to continue to be a global competitor in innovation and currently there lacks any real investment or encouragement to improve current technological advancement or further scientific knowledge.

History proves that real technological and scientific advancement brings economic and social growth, but you can’t fall into the trap of the continuous growth system of capitalism.

This is unsustainable, the growth needs to steady and not explosive but ultimately it needs to be manageable.

A visionary and progressive future

The real need for a system overhaul is drastically needed, tackling the severe rise in child poverty (increase of 400,000 since Tories came to power), a housing market that is on the brink of collapse with extortionately high rents and almost impossible to buy. Living standards dropping and the increase of food banks across the country, and the state of the NHS shows austerity has failed.

Brexit is a symptom for the government’s incompetence and contempt for society with most feeling left behind. The UK is desperate for change and a progressive plan is in dire need but this will not happen with the current condition of British politics. There needs to be a jump start because it is beginning to flatline.