It is no wonder the Scottish Conservatives are doing so well under Ruth Davidson's leadership. She was absolutely brilliant on The Andrew Marr Show this morning. She took him to town over his questions.

Making Marr blush

Of course, Marr's job is to try and ask questions that challenge his guests, but Davidson came well prepared with rebukes that made him blush.

She resisted the temptation to rehash arguments she presented during the EU Referendum by him and showed what a true pragmatic Tory she is by supporting the Prime Minister's Brexit plans.

The Conservative contradicted Marr's claim Sturgeon is a successful politician, because she is abiding by her manifesto promises. But Davidson highlighted the SNP leader said on TV during the Scottish elections last year that if there is not enough support for a second vote, she will not hold one.

Amazing quotes

Armed with amazing quotes, Davidson pointed out how ungrateful the First Minister is by arguing: 'If Theresa May sent Sturgeon a pony wrapped in a bow, it would still not be good enough.' This demonstrates how much of a whinging child Sturgeon can be.

Bravo, Ruth. You did the Conservative Party proud this morning.