It is not often that I compliment Nicola Sturgeon on many things, but whoever her spin doctor is deserves a promotion. The First Minister has carried out a PR coup and taken the emphasis off Brexit and onto a second referendum.

A tactical move

It was a tactical move. We have all heard the media reports suggesting that if Parliament finally approves of the Bill to issue Article 50 today, then Theresa May will begin the Brexit process this week.

The Prime Minister has more than enough hindrances in her way, but for Sturgeon to divert media attention away from Britain's EU exit will present another dark cloud over the Tory's head.

No doubt Remoaners will be pleased with the First Minister's stunt, whispering to themselves: 'I told you so.' This was the argument Stronger In advocated throughout last year's referendum: that a vote to leave the EU throws the UK's future into jeopardy.

Northern Ireland served as a further boost to Remoaners' claims as Sinn Fein increased its share of the vote.

Regardless of whether one thinks the UK will stay together post-Brexit, Sturgeon has today succeeded in shifting the debate.