Buy American is apparently for the masses but not the Trumps. It appears that they are excluded from the “buy American” mantra so passionately espoused by President Donald Trump. We were made aware that Donald Trump’s ties and shirts and other goods were made in China so it is not surprising that his daughter ivanka trump branded clothing is also made in China.

Fifty Tonnes of clothing and counting

A French news agency investigation found that over 50 tons of Ivanka Trump branded clothing was imported into the US during the period her father was campaigning on a “buy America” platform and after becoming President of the United States.

The report states that at least 82 shipments from China came through US customs between November 8th, 2016 and February 26, 2017. Included in the shipment were polyester blouses, cowhide wallets and footwear.

Any American made Clothing in Ivanka’s Brand?

Buying from China is a common business practice among retailers but what percentage of the clothing carried are made in the US? In the case of the Ivanka brand clothing, the number of items bearing her name that are made in the US is not known. What was discovered by the investigation is that of the 25 brands of Trump clothing carried at Macy’s in New York, not one was made in the US.

Donald Trump's passion for made in America

Donald Trump has got a lot of credit for being pro-American interests.

He appears to have a passion for made in American goods. He has promised to penalize businesses that take American jobs overseas. At a post-election rally, Trump reiterated his campaign promise “My administration will follow two simple rules — buy American and hire American,'' He also said, "And we will put our people — not people from other lands — our people back to work in the process.

–-“ Could Ivanka Trump be penalized for going against the Trump buy American promise?

Chinese made versus American made

No one would disagree that buying local or in this case buying American creates jobs at home and this is what the President says he wants to do. However, the reality is that it is way cheaper to buy Chinese made goods, brand them with an American name and make a huge profit.

Businesses are all about profit and if buying cheaper means you can make a bigger profit, isn’t that the goal? American workers are paid a set minimum wage and may have other benefits like health insurance. Workers in China, on the other hand, work under deplorable conditions for pennies an hour. Could Trump really live up to a “buy American” promise?