Who else is getting bored of Nicola sturgeon's constant talk of a second Referendum in response to Brexit? The First Minister has been flirting with the idea of another vote for a considerable period of time. Now that she has put all of her cards on the table, just let her implement it. In theory, at least.

Theresa May has suggested that she will block a second referendum. With the upcoming Brexit negotiations, this is the last obstacle the Prime Minister needs as she triggers Article 50 this week, possibly.

The opinion polls prove that the majority of Scots do not want another referendum.

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives Ruth Davidson has done a (pardon the pun) sterling job in increasing the unionist party's share of the vote and overthrowing Labour as the official opposition. This demonstrates that unionism could well be strengthening in Scotland.

Also, the SNP's disastrous record of dealing with the NHS and education will go against them, despite Brexit. If they cannot manage these services within the UK, how can they deal with them as an independent country?

So let Sturgeon go ahead with a second vote. Bring it on.