Donald Trump committed a blunder when he asked general Flynn his national security advisor to put in his papers. He assumed that this would be the end of the so-called Russian connection. This has not happened and now his AG Jeff Sessions is under attack for having misled Congress on his contacts with the Russians. Suddenly the topic of contacts with Russia has become hot property. Most people are aware that nothing much has happened and Russia just does not have the capability to influence an election in America. But the name of the game is to get to Donald and at a later stage to impeach him on a charge of treason.

Hence all this talk of Russian connection and some wanting an independent prosecutor to pursue the case. By asking Flynn to go Donald weakened himself and the opposition will not stop without his blood

Russian Phobia

A Russo-Phobia has built up in America. It's not as bad as the fifties when MaCarthyism ruled the roost. But it still is bad enough and all the opposition can think of is the Russian connection. Even members of the GOP for long opposed to Trump have joined the chorus against Donald and that includes men like Issa and John McCain. As brought out by Assange with selective leaks a grand plan is being put in place to impeach Donald and hand over the presidency to Mike Pence. As per the leaks this plan is known to the VP who has of course denied it vehemently.

America limited

The obsession with Russia will affect America in other ways as well. China and North Korea as well as Iran, not forgetting the ISIS have gone out of focus. Trump's original plan to team up with Russia to fight ISIS was good, but it has gone for a dime. This can't happen now and may well give breathing space to the ISIS.

The obsession with Russia just to oust Donald may be self defeating.


America is in the throes of a crisis and most of it is personality oriented. Most of the Press and the media as well as the older politicians do not want Donald as president. They feel he is an upstart. How dare such a man become president.? Hence all the tricks are required to throw him out. One hopes Donald is aware of the devilish plan and can fight back. He has to face from the front. There is no other way.