When I was just a little girl, the stories I used to read made me dream about the day I would find Prince Charming who would turn me into a princess and my life would be perfect.

But here we go! Valentine`s Day is coming and I`m still single - what should I do?

I`m 23 years old, I had two terrible relationships, thousands of smoked cigarettes and my blood is about to turn into vodka. Valentine`s Day is the most horrible day for me and women like me, because all we can see is a world full of red hearts, young lovers and a continuous scurry in the shops for presents.

But now I`m a big girl and I know that Prince Charming is not found on every corner and the ones we can find are already taken. I kissed fatty men, ugly men, men who smell like an ashtray or men who drink too much. I made love with rich and poor men, well or bad dressed, hoping I will turn them from an ugly frog into Prince Charming. I learnt that men can be changed just with other men!

February can be a nightmare for those not in love

Every year, the month of February is the worst nightmare of men and the ugliest dreams of single women. All your friends are in a relationship and they are sharing around ideas and opinions about the way they will celebrate that day, while you are wondering who will be your partner: vodka or tequila?

Stop crying for mercy! Woman, you don`t need a Prince Charming to be happy! You are a princess from birth, and men are just good ways to spend your precious time. You should be the happiest person in the world because you can spend that day with the most important person in your life and the person who loves you the most. You.

So get yourself out of bed, put on the most beautiful dress, wear make-up as if you will go on a date with your destiny and go shopping. Smile all day, buy the most beautiful underwear and the most expensive bottle of champagne. This could be the day you lost your hope in stories, but also it could be the day you start loving you more. You don`t know if on the way home Mr. Right shows up and your life changes in a minute. Be happy and fabulous all the time!